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Work From Home IT Solutions

At Cloud Biz Solutions, we recognize the growing demand for remote work solutions and understand the concerns that businesses may have when considering this transition. With advancements in technology, particularly in cloud-based IT tools, remote work has become more feasible than ever before. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the long-term needs of businesses, ensuring a smooth transition to remote work environments.

We understand the importance of addressing concerns such as IT security, setup time, resource requirements, and costs. That’s why we offer reassurance and solutions that not only address these concerns but also anticipate future challenges that may arise. By partnering with Cloud Biz Solutions, businesses can confidently embrace remote work arrangements knowing that they have a trusted partner committed to their success.

As businesses continue to adopt remote work strategies, Cloud Biz Solutions stands ready to provide the expertise and support needed to navigate this transition effectively and ensure long-term productivity and success.

Cloudbiz - work from home
  • 100% uptime assurance
  • Tailored desktop customization
  • Hosting secured within Australia
  • Device-agnostic work capability
  • Enhanced end-user experience
  • Flexibility to work from any location
  • Utilizing Nutanix for optimized performance
  • Seamless integration with Office 365
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Work From Home Using Cloud Services

Our cloud-based services encompass cloud migration, management, and ongoing support seamlessly integrated into one solution. Once your cloud server is set up, your team can effortlessly work from home using their personal devices while maintaining access to a variety of applications and files stored on their office desktops—commonly referred to as ‘desktop as a service’ (DAAS). Each employee receives a personalized login for access to the remote server, enabling swift resumption of workflow whenever necessary.

From a financial perspective, opting for DAAS and cloud desktop services presents notable advantages by significantly reducing upfront expenses. By transitioning to our cloud services, the need for costly server purchases is eliminated. We provide:

  • Cutting-edge technology hosted on our cloud infrastructure
  • Comprehensive environment management and maintenance
  • Robust data security measures and secure connections
  • Ongoing support services, potentially saving substantial costs in the long run.

Moreover, our cloud desktop services are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. As your business expands, so does your IT infrastructure. Unlike traditional on-site servers, which impose limitations, our solution allows for seamless growth without the need for additional costly investments in servers, hardware, or equipment. At Simple Biz, our dedicated remote working solutions ensure employee satisfaction, regardless of their location, thereby fulfilling your business requirements efficiently and effectively.


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