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Tape Backup Solutions

Whether you work for a large multinational corporation, a small firm, or a new startup, data backup is crucial to your workplace. It not only protects your valuable office data but also provides you with an opportunity to recover it if an internal fault or external virus attack occurs.

Tape solutions are a reliable way to backup data for all types of enterprises. Cloud Biz Solutions’ team of IT specialists is fully qualified to use tape drives for data backup in your workplace. Cloud Biz Solutions provides its customers with two different types of tape drive solutions.
Specific Tape Solutions
Solutions for Tape Libraries

Individual tape backup solutions are ideal if you don’t have a lot of data to back up and are okay with changing tapes after a set amount of time. If your IT department can replace tapes for you after they are loaded with data, you can also utilize this method. A number of hardware providers can be employed for tape solutions, such as HP LTO tapes or hardware from any other manufacturer of our client’s choosing.
Our IT professionals will implement an automated board system at your business as part of our tape library solutions. There will be fifty taps with barcode mechanisms in the library. We replace the tapes one after the other to spare our clients the trouble of changing them whenever data space runs out.

One significant advantage of these systems is that you won’t have to worry about the data tapes in the event of a fire in your business because they are fireproof and will keep your data safe. These data cassettes also guarantee the mobility of your office data and raise the possibility of its safety. To ensure that your data is secure in a branch office in case of a physical or computer-related issue at one location, you can quickly transfer backup files from one office to another. Data backup tapes of head office files can be distributed to one or two primary branches, and data tapes can be transmitted to the head office.

Because of our devoted clientele, Cloud Biz Solutions not only provides backup strategies to secure your data, but we also have real-world experience with these solutions. If you are searching for a company that values the security of your data above all else, Cloud Biz Solutions is the one you should contact.

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