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Unified Communication Solutions

Are you a sizable multinational corporation looking to streamline communication across your divisions?

Are you trying to find a solution that centralizes and secures all networking and IT-related services?

Are you a startup business looking to set up all the required office communication software?

To have considerably more control over your communications, use our Unified Communication Solutions (UCS). It will significantly facilitate networking, both with your clients and your staff.

You will be able to access several services in this solution’s integrated form, such as:

  • Email services for instant messaging
  • Solution Architecture for Telephony
  • Solutions for faxing

We can supply you with a personalized messenger for your office if you’re unhappy with instant messaging apps like Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger. You could have all the necessary functionality with far more secure worker communication. Your customized messenger can also include voice and video calling capabilities.
With the help of telephony services, you can have an internal exchange that lowers operating costs and guarantees security. Cloud Biz Solutions offer fax solutions that go beyond standard, old-fashioned fax services. You can get your fax in your inbox and print it off whenever it’s convenient for you.

With our archiving solutions, you’ll have extra-large email inbox space, so you can permanently archive emails to a safe location, even if your inbox gets overflowing. Both central and individual archiving are available to you.

These are just a few capabilities that Cloud Biz Solutions offers under the Unified Communication Solutions category. Once you contact us and give us a chance to demonstrate our expertise in providing top-notch services, you can expect much more information and satisfaction. We’re confident that our ability to work with various media and devices will impress you.

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