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Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery

Today’s world is packed with perceived and actual risks to enterprises, including social engineering, natural disasters, theft, sabotage, hacking, IT equipment malfunctions, data corruption, and human error. The loss of “business critical data” could result in financial losses and company interruption. However, you may swiftly recover from such circumstances if you have dependable cloud disaster recovery solutions. This enables you to guarantee that every facet of your company is safeguarded and to quickly return to regular operations in the event of a crisis.

Acronis and Cloud Biz have partnered to develop an exceptional Cloud Disaster Recovery Service tailored for SMEs and deliver an all-in-one cloud disaster recovery solution. It guarantees the least amount of downtime for your company and the least amount of data loss. Its built-in testing mechanism allows you to assess and confirm your capacity to handle unforeseen circumstances.

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