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Content Management System

System for Managing Content

Software solutions include content management systems, and we offer the best content management system solutions. The current trend is shifting towards electronic trade, and the internet has created a new global economy. Although more people create their blogs, they need help to operate and maintain them. If you install a content management system on your blog or content, you can alter, publish, and amend your material and administer your website from a central location. With the help of Cloud Biz’s experience, you can install a content management system and carry out these tasks manually or electronically.

Among our technologies are:

  • Customization for WordPress
  • Customization of Drupal
  • Development of Joomla

The two types of websites are called dynamic and static, respectively. The writing style is the primary distinction between the two kinds of websites. A dynamic website is created and designed using a server-side scripting language like ASP, PHP, Coldfusion, or JHP, whereas a static website is created and built using a basic HTML page. With the highest quality website, Cloud Biz will offer services for both websites.

Benefits of Static Web Pages:
The ability to customize each page of a website is its primary benefit. We can add special effects to the page if our client requests it.

We will charge you less for this low-cost website than another.
We can provide you with the information fast, and website creation takes a little time.
After the website is finished, operating and hosting will also cost less than other websites.
Benefits of Adaptive Websites:

A dynamic website has far more functionality than a static one.
Because dynamic websites don’t require coding, updating them is simpler than updating static websites.
Due to new content, users will stay on the website, and those who have gone will return.

Writing for blogs and forums

RSS News
Social media interaction
SEO-Compatible Mobile Customers
Cloud Biz will offer its services from the beginning of the website’s construction to its completion. Upon completion of website development, the client will have full ownership of the website.
Solutions for cloud storage

Have you recently come to terms with the possibility that cloud computing and services offer? Do you also believe that your SME has to take advantage of the low-cost prospects that cloud computing offers? You may employ cloud storage services for your huge corporate company instead of localized network storage because you believe it will help you expand your operations at various sites worldwide.

When it comes to offering our clients the best services available for cloud storage solutions, Cloud Biz is an outstanding choice.

Cloud solutions won’t function like a typical single storage device that can only access a small number of directly connected computers. It indicates that you have a dedicated storage server, enabling you to carry out all office operations worldwide. Cloud Biz offers two different kinds of servers for cloud storage.

Personal cloud data storage
Storage in hybrid clouds

Because private cloud storage is less expensive and can be installed internally and remotely, it is a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It will have a VPN authentication mechanism that will allow you to control who has access to the cloud storage and to see exactly which files have been accessed. You will have your cloud storage server, and there will only be one-way communication between you and the server.
Many businesses provide cloud services in the event of hybrid cloud storage. If authorized users have access permissions, numerous users can view the files a certain user saves. Therefore, you are not just uploading things to this site but also sharing them. Among the services Cloud Biz will assist you in launching are

  • Dropbox
  • Sky Drive
  • iDrive
  • Google Drive

Cloud Biz will be required to collaborate with you on any other vendor that offers cloud storage services, should you choose to pursue that avenue. These cloud storage servers can also store backup copies of your company’s files or computer data.

We provide our clients with a range of services in the private cloud storage area, including the ability to improve data security. If you believe your files are in danger, we can even block your access to cloud storage. Cloud Biz offers a plethora of alternative private cloud storage alternatives. To ensure you have the cloud storage you want, contact us and let us know exactly what you need. Our team of specialists will take care of the rest.

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