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Offsite Backup Solutions

Do you believe that keeping the backup data in the exact location as the original files is impractical? Are you attempting to find a way to ensure the security of the data held by the numerous local branches of your company? Your organization takes data recovery seriously, so you want a workable disaster recovery plan to ensure everything works. Cloud Biz Solutions provides its clients with a range of solutions, including offsite backup options, to enable them to establish a completely secure data recovery system.

Our team of IT engineers at Cloud Biz Solutions has over ten years of expertise in setting up offsite backup solutions at different offices and businesses. Professionals at Cloud Biz Solutions utilize a variety of sources, some of which include

  • Storage with tape
  • Cloud data protection

These are just a handful of the numerous options for offsite data storage. We are happy to work with any other bespoke solution if our client requests it.

Our team of IT experts is not obligated to offer support using a particular piece of gear or software. This means that we can manage and install any hardware item from any manufacturer or vendor that our clients desire to employ in their official place of business.

Data backup files can be moved to the corporate office, where a department can be established to safeguard all branch data. Cloud Biz Solutions can also guarantee that the company’s various offices can access the head office’s data securely. If your business is multinational, Cloud Biz Solutions has the knowledge and personnel to transfer data from one nation to another and vice versa. Our client company has developed a compliance plan that we will follow.

We can set up a private internet line with the appropriate VPN protocols to significantly increase the security of the transfer and backup. It will ensure no security breach during the transfer or reception of the data. We can also utilize courier services to move data into portable storage devices between localized branches or storage facilities.

Based on our client’s needs, Cloud Biz Solutions offers the most affordable options, and we guarantee perfect data backup and top-notch transfer security.

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