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Dispatch and On Call Support

As a global supplier, are you hoping to grow your business in the GCC area? Your usual client has recently been in touch with you because they plan to create a branch office in the United Arab Emirates or any other region of the Middle East. They also want you to offer your services there, but do you have any personal or business ties to the area? Do you want a firm with a great reputation for IT support services to finish the job for you? Cloud Biz Solutions’ on-call and dispatch support solutions are exclusively intended for this use.

You will provide IT equipment to Cloud Biz Solutions and then ship the hardware or software to one of our vendors’ clients. With our IT engineers providing on-call assistance, our vendors can request any support from White Hats for their clients in the area. A complete call log of every discussion and demand is kept to ensure there is no room for misunderstanding on the part of the vendor or ourselves.

White Hats is a business that has several different collaboration agreements with foreign IT organizations and vendors. We have experience satisfying vendor requests for IT support and dispatching. To ensure that our vendor always has to be satisfied with outsourcing their solutions because they don’t have a physical presence in this location, we ensure that a service is supplied with standards higher than the normally practiced market norms.

We work hard to adhere to the SLAs that our vendors and Cloud Biz Solutions have signed, which precisely outline the standards and quality they demand.

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