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Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform is a collection of business-grade, modular cloud services that offer a variety of development tools to support the creation of a wide range of applications, from straightforward websites to intricate software.

The infrastructure that hosts all of these apps is the same one that Google uses internally for its consumer products, like YouTube and Google Search. Accordingly, using the same infrastructure, Google can deliver millions of search results in milliseconds.

Organizations needed a platform to host applications to reduce the complexity associated with IT infrastructure as the requirement to rapidly build, launch, and iterate apps grew. Organizations can avoid managing their apps, databases, system management, and storage services by utilizing the Google Cloud platform services. Furthermore, this platform offers the necessary scalability to manage even the most demanding workloads. Clients select from various personalized goods and services and only pay for what they use.

Cloud Biz Solutions is a Melbourne-based authorized provider of managed Google Cloud Platform services. Our IT specialists will assist you during the application migration to the G cloud.

Google Cloud Platform


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