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Would you like to work with a firm that provides IT assistance and IT contractors in Australia to install IT equipment in your company’s or any of your client’s offices? Do you wish to be able to build up networks at different chains or branches of your company with the assistance of specialized IT engineers? Cloud Biz Solutions offers the skills and experience necessary to finish these tasks for you to the highest standard.

Cloud Biz Solutions can offer installer services and solutions inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. Our team of IT specialists can install the following peripherals and hardware without any issues:

  • Switches
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Equipment for networking

We guarantee that every piece of equipment is installed and functioning by what the clients require. Thanks to our extensive IT expertise, we can install hardware equipment from all major suppliers and enterprises. You can choose the hardware from the manufacturer of your choice, and our team of skilled experts will install it for you without any problems if you decide Cloud Biz Solutions to handle the installation.

Cloud Biz Solutions provides two different installer solutions.
We serve as local representatives for businesses whose main offices are located in different parts of the world and we provide services. White Hats always has the option of a regional relationship to pose as their local partners while passing off their services and solutions to clients. White Hats are the best option if your firm is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and you need competent IT engineers to set up your networking equipment or if you want a local partner.

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