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Mobile Worker Solutions

Even though your profession necessitates frequent travel, do you still wish to be connected to the office network? Many of your employees are involved in field activities but also require access to the office’s IT infrastructure and network. Do you need help to balance the demands of networking with field operations? In actuality, Cloud Biz Solutions’ mobile worker solutions are precisely what you need.

Cloud Biz Solutions’ mobile worker solutions enable distant workers to connect to an office’s IT system, in contrast to traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions, which are limited to providing connectivity between fixed sites. It allows you to use your office’s hardware and a virtual presence there. You will have access to all the resources, including software, utility apps, file sharing, printers, scanners, and email accounts.

The types of support that mobile worker solutions can provide are listed below.

  • Previous Versions of Software Services for private clouds
    Support for Laptops (Windows, Mac OS)
  • Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung)

Employees and partners of a firm can access office-based services such as ERP and files from remote locations or the field by utilizing Cloud Biz Solutions’ mobile worker solutions. Whatever device is used to access the office’s VPN doesn’t matter because of our experience working with a wide range of hardware and software. A field agent using a tablet, a traveling executive using a smartphone, or a home-based user using a laptop might all be examples. Our mobile worker solution ensures the protection of your data and network resources and connectivity by enabling access in conjunction with security protocols.

Put your trust in Cloud Biz Solutions to step into an efficient working world where being far from the workplace won’t stand in the way of your business’s advancement.

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