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Are you a brand-new firm looking to store your files on a single, central server? Being such a large corporation, you are worried about the safety of company records. Rather than paying for file security across every computer in your organization, would you prefer to pay for it on a single server? Cloud Biz’s file server solutions are the best and most affordable way to address your company’s file security and storage concerns.

Our team of skilled IT specialists has the knowledge to install file servers from all the leading suppliers in your business.

HP, or Hewlett-Packard

Because every major IT company has certified members on our team of diversified IT engineers, we at Cloud Biz are never limited to any one gear or software. It means that you must decide which hardware and operating system (OS) you want to seed on your file server. The experts at Cloud Biz will see to it that a server meets your needs. We can set up your file servers to run any popular operating system of your choosing, such as

Mac OS

In addition to the hardware and software you choose, Cloud Biz will be required to integrate your file server into the needs of your business. This implies we can also integrate the server with a domain controller environment.

If the file server is integrated with a domain controller environment, file server access will require a user login. To utilize your file server, it will construct an authentication protocol so you can track who has accessed the files on the server. We can also configure your file servers in a setup without a domain controller. You will now have two options after it converts your file server to a workgroup. You can share files with all users or just a subset of them.

With over a decade of expertise, the Cloud Biz team of IT engineers guarantees that all our clients will receive top-notch support from industry experts. Whatever your needs for a file server, you may try us confidently because our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service.

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