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Email Server Solutions

Getting a group mail server for your small or medium-sized enterprise will be financially advantageous. Do you have security concerns regarding the emails you and hundreds of your employees send and receive officially? Do you want to create a dedicated mail server in your business to eliminate the constant threat of data breaches that affect the main email service providers? Cloud Biz Solutions developed its mail server solutions to make all our clients feel less anxious.

Cloud Biz Solutions’ team of IT specialists has the necessary skills to set up email servers on client requests. They are adept at setting up servers like
IBM Microsoft Exchange Server, Monster’s Lotus Notes
In addition to the email above server options, our clients can request a private email server of their choosing. Our seasoned team of IT specialists will be required to set up this mail server according to the guidelines and information provided by our esteemed client.

In addition to installing such a server, our highly skilled team of IT engineers will ensure that every one of our clients’ devices is fully integrated with the mail server, ensuring that no single device experiences issues receiving mail via the server that our team installs. Along with PCs set up to connect to the server, portable devices can also connect.

Examples of these devices include: Tablets, laptops, and smartphones

The IT experts at Cloud Biz Solutions will also ensure that your device can connect to the server regardless of its operating system. Our team of IT specialists has extensive certifications, allowing them to link your mail servers with your network’s devices, workstations, and portable gadgets.
The Cloud Biz Solutions crew takes great care to ensure the quality of their work, which helps us deliver a service almost a synonym for perfection. If you believe that a team of experts should install IT equipment, such as mail servers, Cloud Biz Solutions is the firm you should speak with.


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